Who is Remy?

Lover. Fighter. Writer. Real Estate Innovator. Podcast Host. Giver. Storyteller.

An Entrepreneur on a Mission to Make an Impact for Good, Close to Home.

Who is Remy Fortier?

I grew up in Berkeley, Ca.  I’ve lived in 8 different cities in the Bay Area, and I’ve worked in 9 counties.  I love the Bay Area and I’m proud to be a product of this diverse, eclectic, part of the world.  Growing up was turbulent for me.  My family was poor and under the shadow of addiction. Rather than live as a victim I chose to be a fighter.  I had a bootstrapping, entrepreneur’s spirit from a very young age.  I have always fought to for my success 10298893_10203674858420389_4594886842309615257_nand my happiness.  That attitude has served me well my whole life.  Today I live in Union City, with my family, Mike and Michaela, who mean the world to me.  We’re pretty devoted to our pets, two cats – Zoe and Zia, and our Old English Bulldog Zeus.  We love to cook, especially grilling outside.  And we spend a lot of time going to Michaela’s softball games.  I try to write every single day in between handling my Real Estate clients and Podcast interviews.

Business Woman that gives a damn.

My background gave me a sense of social consciousness.  I care about the world around me.  I’ve lived with loss, and experienced losing home and family.  Those experiences created a need to do good. To make a positive Impact.  When I started to realize the greed that was rampant in my chosen career of Real Estate I knew I had to find a way to fight back.  I spent years helping my clients fight foreclosures during the mortgage crisis.  The crisis is behind us but that fight is not.

There is a better way to do business. I am committed to helping homeowners extract the most 1912216_10204595783242934_6297686127192496162_nprofit possible from their home sales, using The Value-Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate.  I am committed to helping businesses thrive in this new world of marketing and advertising on social media, through my podcast Union City Advice Givers.  I am a dreamer.  I want to see all of the friends and colleagues in my network thrive so collectively we can all pay it forward and Make An Impact by giving back to our local community.