Fall down and get back up again…

I fell down. Or rather fell off. I stopped going for walks. I started enjoying the occasional carb. Then it was the 4th of July so no limits on what I’m eating today cause we are Celebrating the birthday of our country right?

Then it was MY birthday so no limits on that celebration either!

Some of my favorite excuses: It’s too hot to walk. My asthma is acting up so I can’t work out…
That bread is HOMEMADE. If someone buys you a cake you have to eat it right? I don’t have time to make breakfast so no choice but to hit that drive through between appointments.

I have been in a season of mentally recharging myself. I’ve been doing internal work, so I haven’t stopped my journey of improving myself 1% every day completely. But I did put aside my health goals for a while.

It sucks. It sucks to look in the mirror and know you have lost ground.

But then a friend of mine, a fellow Story Athlete, wrote a story. In it he mentioned the phrase, “Keep Your Why Close By.”

I have a lot of why’s and one of them is my family. I am getting healthier for them. So I will have energy and be around for years to come.

So this morning I asked Michaela to join me in our 12 Minutes of Death Workout. She was thrilled (Sarcasm intended)

I have written multiple times that public accountability through storytelling is my secret sauce, my tactic for sustained discipline. So today I share my workout video!

Recommitted to my attack plan and the path to better health!

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