My hand cramped up this morning…

My hand cramped up this morning…

Because I had so much to say, to myself.

I have started journaling every day.
I’ve been writing daily for years but I’ve been focused on writing content like emails and blog posts etc.

Recently, over the last two months, I’ve started writing in my journal daily. I used to do this when I was younger, like a diary.

Remember a diary with a little lock in it? I guess once your an adult you have to call it a journal.

Now I am very focused on making sure I write in my journal daily.

I start with a “brain dump.”

You know all those little thoughts you wake up with in the morning? Your mental to do list…

Then I write down any observations I have about the day before and I try to excavate any negative emotions I am holding onto.

You would be amazed, if you’ve never tried it, how powerful of a release it can be to write, “Yesterday, when So & So did such & such it really irritated me!”

This practice is clearing up so much mental space for me. It helps me concentrate and stay motivated and grounded so I can do better for my real estate clients, my family, Impact Club…

It’s a part of my journey to improve 1% every single day.

The most important benefit is the daily catch up with myself, when there is no audience reading what you’ve written but you – it is next to impossible to bullshit.

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