Phone Addiction…

Every single morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is check my phone. I know I’m not alone in this right?

A bad habit, but one I can’t seem to shake. I start just wanting to check the time. Then I check my emails.
The problem is I can’t “unsee” my emails. Most days there are work-related emails that need a response or some action from me.
Like today there is an email from a first time home buyer with a question about her new monthly mortgage payment. That’s an important question. My urge is to respond right away.

I work from home. At times when work is really busy, or I’m feeling really urgent about making money, I tend to sacrifice time for myself. I will just sit up and start working on the computer immediately. I often don’t notice for a few hours that I didn’t even pause to get coffee.

So I must make a difficult choice.

Do I stick to my morning routine that I have prescribed for myself? Reading, watering/enjoying my garden, writing, meditating, being quiet?
Do I sacrifice all of that to answer the email?
The correct answer is NO. Those routines are part of my self-care. They keep me sane and calm.
But the weight of knowing there is “work to do” effects my morning. It intrudes on my ‘me time.’

Which is a perfect paradox? Because there is a consequence. Without some quiet time, that recharges me and gives me some mental space, I am not at my best.

I know for a fact that I will be better at work if I give myself that morning time.

I know it, yet this morning, just after opening my eyes, I checked my phone. As I sat down to write these words its on my mind.

I’m reading and writing, breathing and feeling present.
All the good stuff. But I do it while knowing that one of my clients has emailed me a question that needs answering.

Today the phone addiction won. Maybe tomorrow morning I’ll be able to resist its sirens song.

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