White painted cat footprints…

Have you ever felt empathy for another person because you know they are having an off day? So much rides on how we handle bad days or off moments in our day.

On Saturday I woke up tired. I’ve been working extra hard for the last couple of weeks on multiple projects.

I like being busy so it’s not a bad thing. Most of the work has been to get two new house listings ready to “Go Live.”

Executing The Value-Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate, means extreme attention to detail. We, my team and my clients, work hard to get everything done before we take pictures of a house, or “Go Live” for showings and open houses.

On Saturday we were having an open house at one of our newest listings. Like I said I woke up tired, but I fueled up with coffee, and I was ready for the day.

My first stop was to visit a different listing that we were having photographed on Saturday. I helped the sellers with the last finishing touches and some advice to make the house look great.

Then I drove to the next house and started putting out the Open House signs.

That sounds like a pretty simple task but it was raining and super windy, putting out the signs sometimes involves dashing across busy streets and parking in awkward places.

On one busy street, the wind kept blowing the sign down and I got honked at by “Fans” every time I bent over to pick it up!

Still, when I pulled up at my seller’s house, I was ready to greet all the buyers with a smile.

Until I walk up to the house and I see my seller taping brown paper to the front porch.

I didn’t need to ask to know what was going on. There were clues everywhere.

The porch, previously gray and bit chipped was now freshly painted white. 
The white paint had been rained on and paint washed down the driveway. 
The driveway still showed some paint but had obviously been vigorously power washed.

Then there were the cat prints leading from that fresh wet paint all the way down the driveway to the street….

My client looked exhausted. He had paint all over him. 
I grinned at him. 
He grinned at me. 
Sometimes shit just happens.

Sometimes you have an off day and spend hours power washing your driveway only to have your cat walk through the wet paint.

I’m sure he had a few moments of cussing in frustration before I arrived. 
But through each challenge I’ve seen him face, he has smiled through it, rolled up his sleeves, and done whatever work needed to be done.

Seeing how he handled his “bad day” made me feel energized. My fatigue disappeared and we had a super busy, successful open house.

I even made several buyers laugh, by pointing out the cat prints and sharing the story. Of course, I told them not to worry, the porch will be all better the next time you see it.

Something will always go wrong. 
But we get to choose whether or not we allow our frustration to take over until we want to yell, cuss, and quit.

As long as we don’t quit we will always make it through.

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