“So, what do you do?”

Yesterday one of my clients called me. 
We are closing today on the sale of her parents home.

I thanked her for being such a great client, for placing her trust in me regarding all of the little details that were needed to bring us to a successful, profitable sale.

She thanked me as well. We talked for a while.

She said, “You know, I was trying to tell someone what it was that made you so good to work with. I think it is your positive attitude and the guidance you gave me.”

We went on to talk about some of the decisions that we made regarding repairs, flooring, etc. The property was in a trust, adding to the paperwork that needed to be done.

The decision to use professional high-quality staging. Professional photography…All the choices I told her were necessary to get the price she wanted.

There were some sentimental moments as well, there always is, anytime you sell a family home full of history and memories. I think it’s important to honor that history.

There was frustration, my client is very hardworking and has two jobs, and still put a ton of hours in to get the house emptied and ready for sale.

The end result was an extra $35,000 in profits on the sale.

Whenever someone asks me, “What do you do?” I never want to say, “I’m a real estate agent.”

Because I’m not just that. 
I’m a team leader. 
I’m a writer. 
I’m a philanthropist, Co-Founder of ImpactClub Union City. 
I am a podcast host of Union City Advice Givers – on hiatus…
I’m a Mama and a Fiance. 
I’m a mentor and coach. 
I’m a marketing whiz. 
For my clients (and friends) I am a therapist at times when I’m needed. 
I’m a problem solver.

I am whoever I need to be to get the job done.


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