Simplifying = Freedom

I could have been completely derailed by a sandal…

I could’ve given up. I was tempted.

Friday morning I woke up and completed my first benchmark workout for the 28 day challenge I’ve joined. I was PUMPED proud I got it done and excited for what is to come.

Then… not even one hour after the workout I was walking into our garage to bring Mike, who was outside mowing our lawn, a protein shake. I stepped down into the garage onto a sandal and rolled my ankle and fell. Landed on my ass, crying from the pain in my ankle.

This weekend I was filled with frustration because I couldn’t do what I’d planned to do. I couldn’t go make a video tour of our new listing, or show a buyer houses. And I couldn’t work on my whole house declutter project that I’d specifically set aside time for this weekend. I had a nice little pity party for sure. ARGH!

Do you ever feel stopped by circumstances outside of your control?

It causes feelings of intense frustration. I was so pumped about my benchmark work out and then BAM! On my ass in the garage with tears in my eyes…

This morning I woke up thinking, “Ok, you said you want to declutter, so declutter.” 
It doesn’t have to be the physical declutter you planned on, I can apply the same process to the inbox on my desk, or my email inbox. I don’t have to allow uncontrollable circumstance to defeat me. Taking steps to simplify relieves frustration.

There is a method to simplifying. Simplifying = Freedom

It’s kinda like when you do something new for the first time, like the first time playing a new sport or getting your first pet. You do research, prepare, shop (spend more than you should) and plan for hours. Only to look back, after and realize it could have been completed in a few simple steps.

To simplify you have to first declutter. Declutter physically, go through everything and toss stuff you don’t need. Or mentally, writing down everything on your to-do list. Cross out whatever is unnecessary. Then prioritize what is left.

Simplifying helps me slow down and gain perspective so I can prioritize and execute.

I’ve shared about clearing the clutter from my home and getting things organized in my bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Now my things are organized based priority – how often I use them. It is now 100x’s easier to get ready for my day and cook meals. 
Today, since I’m resting my ankle, I’ve decluttered my to-do and prioritized what I CAN do

When you feel derailed or frustrated by circumstances out of your control, stop and declutter, physically and mentally, then prioritize. You will find it so much easier to handle things after you simplify.

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