Me VS Me

It may not seem like much but last night I cooked one of the best soups I’ve ever made.

It was a totally new flavor profile for me using Thai green curry and coconut milk all kinds of spicy deliciousness.

I wouldn’t go so far as call my self a “Soup Nazi” but I can definitely throw down and make some pretty good soups.

I’ve done chicken tortilla, beef and potatoes, loaded potato. My go to is turkey soup, after Thanksgiving, made with my own bone broth from our deep-fried turkey carcass.

There is value in going after your own personal best even when it’s something as simple as a bowl of soup.

I am learning to harness competitiveness and use it as a tool against myself to continuously strive for a new personal best.

I’m not naturally competitive I have avoided sports my whole life. My thought used to be, “Why try at something knowing that I might fail?

In business I try not to compete with others. I try not to pay attention to what this agent is doing, or what that business owners doing because I know comparing myself to others doesn’t lead to productivity or results.

There is a big difference between competing against other people and competing against yourself and your own personal records.

Now that I’m living a challenge-based life, now that I’m pushing myself to do more and be more I see that being competitive against my own past record is the most effective way to gain the positive changes I want to gain in my life.

Me VS Me.

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