I thought I was going to puke this morning…

I’ve joined a 28-day challenge with some of my friends. Our goal is 1% improvement daily across 4 quadrants. Mind, Body, Business, and Relationships.

Write a story every day? Check. That is not crazy hard for me because I’ve been sharing stories for a while.

Finish a “12 minutes of Hell workout” to set my personal fitness benchmark? 
Terrifying, really.

It’s a little intimidating to actually get a pen an paper and write down how much I could do within a time period. I have never written my numbers down before.

Lately, my workout involves doing as many situps and crunches as I comfortably can before I get in the shower, a couple of days a week. I’ve never pushed a time limit.

Lucky for me the test included some modified options.

Push Ups for 2 minutes. Or press ups since I chose the modified from the knees version – 26

Squats for 2 minutes *with a jump at the end 39

Situps for 2 minutes (leg up crunches) 41

Modified Burpees for 2 minutes * not the same, much easier, modified burpees I’ve done in the past 11

My previous modified burpee involves a bench so I’m not going all the way to the floor. Today I went chest to the floor.

Getting back up off the floor looked like NO exercise move I’ve ever seen anyone do.

But my chest did hit the floor 11 times so….

Day 1 of the body challenge is done. I did not puke. I’m not dying. I’m happy I did it and looking forward to seeing the progress of 1% daily improvement.

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