Holds me to my shit. Calls me on my shit.

That is what I wrote down in a journal once, many years ago, as part of a list of qualities I hoped to find in a man.

I wanted to be intentional. I was single and didn’t want to rush into a relationship just because I was lonely.

Boy, do have to remind myself sometimes that I ASKED for it! It’s not comfortable when someone that loves you and whose opinion you respect, calls bullshit on you.

Michael De La O fortunately, never hesitates. He tells me the truth good or bad, whether I want to hear it or not.

And I love him for that. 
Last weekend I was super cranky because my I hurt my ankle and I was pissed. I took all my crap out on him and he called me on it. He always does.

I don’t need or want empty encouragement. I don’t want to be told what I want to hear. I also don’t want a partner that can’t look at themselves and be honest.

Accountability is the most important quality in a teammate/partner. If you are not accountable for your own actions and results then there is no team. The other team members are left carrying all the weight.

Holding yourself accountable is equally important. 
But as a good coach once said to me, “Even Tiger Woods needs a coach, because none of us can see our own swing.”

In order to be held accountable by another person, you have to have respect and trust for them. Both of those qualities were on my list too.

But accountability? I remember when we were first dating Mike telling me how every day when he gets ready in the morning, he looks himself in the mirror and does a “Gut Check” with himself. 
He has to be able to look himself in his own eyes.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a man like that?

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