“Getting teary-eyed over a packet of brown gravy mix…”

What is the furthest thing from a minimalist?

My first thought would be a hoarder. What could be further from having hardly any belongings than hoarding?

But I think the true spirit of minimalist thought isn’t having less, instead, it’s choosing to keep what matters most.

Under that definition, I have collected things based not on being a “hoarder” but because of a sense of scarcity.

Since February 9th I’ve been reducing my belongings and clearing years of clutter from our home. I’m not done. We still have our spare room and garage to tackle. I’m leaving the hardest for last – photos, memorabilia, and my boxes from my deceased parents, labeled Mom, and one labeled Dad.

I, like many others, binge-watched “Spark Joy” on Netflix and was inspired to start decluttering my home. 
A few facts:

I had already read her books and watched her on YouTube before the show came out. I’ve also read a lot of blogs about minimalism. So I’m not on the bandwagon but that show DID inspire me.

I am not an organized person by nature. More of an “organized chaos” type of girl.

I started off following Marie Kondo’s recommendation of decluttering by category. Putting everything in a big pile. And going through all my belongings one by one. My clothing mountain was huge. 
Now we’ve finished going through my clothes, Mike’s, and Michaela’s. About 7 contractor bags of clothes we donated. 
Then I tackled books, paperwork, the kitchen, and both bathrooms. 
I can’t tell you how much useless stuff I found to get rid off. And we aren’t done.

This process is teaching me so much about myself.

If you go for it, be prepared to do some serious reflection and to become much more self-aware.

All my life I’ve had a LOT of canned food. This is the result of a short time when I was a kid in a house with no food.

I’ve held on to the sensation of scarcity, the belief that there is NOT enough.

A couple of weeks ago, if you had been in my kitchen, you would have found me standing on a step stool getting teary-eyed over a packet of brown gravy mix.

The expiration date was 2011. That was the oldest food item I found.

I’ve moved about 4 times in the last 8 years. That means 4 times I have packed and unpacked this gravy packet without really looking at it. 4 times I thought to myself I might NEED this.

Do you know what I’m proud of myself for? 
I no longer feel scarcity. Instead, I feel abundance.
I feel safe and secure in my life and my home. 
I am incredibly proud of this life that I have.

I don’t need to hoard canned food or gravy packets ever again.

I can let all of this F*$&ing Unnecessary stuff go.

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