Getting Lost on Purpose…

This morning I went for a walk. 
When I got back, Mike asked me, “So where did you go?”

I had to think about it for a second before I could answer. Because when I go for walks I almost never have a plan of where I’m going. Today I was just rambling around Decoto. I do that a lot. I walk with no destination in mind.

It got me thinking of a game I loved when I was little. I used to ask my mom to take me on drives in the car to get lost on purpose. I would get all excited to get in the car and be the decision maker over where we went. At each intersection, I would tell her right, left, or straight.

Maybe it’s a little weird or odd that I enjoy getting lost on purpose. It’s hard to describe the feeling it gives me. Walking an uncharted path. The thrill of having no plan.

I like seeing how something will unfold going by my instincts in the moment. There is beauty to me in pure spontaneity.

Allowing my inner muse to guide me and see where it takes me. Allowing space for creativity.

On those drives with my mom, once we would get out of town and away from the city, I would stick my head out of the window and feel the wind in my hair, free like only young kids can be.

I’d do the same thing with cooking when I was little. My mom was a good baker. I’d beg her to let me make up my own recipes. Tossing whatever I wanted into a bowl and baking it, just to experiment and see how it would taste… usually terrible!

Doing something, anything with no plan allows creativity to flow freely. You can find so much joy and freedom in spontaneity. Use it to wake up creative instincts.

I still cook that way. With no recipes, nothing I make is ever exactly the same as last time.

Sometimes I get stuck trying to write a description for a house we are preparing to sell, I get frustrated. We can only write a short paragraph on every house, the text that displays under a listing when you view it on websites. 
I don’t like to write the same description every time. And I don’t want my descriptions to sound the same on every house.

So I’ll go for one of my rambling walks when I feel stuck. I look at all the houses I pass making up descriptions in my head, and usually, I’ll come home feeling more creative than when I left.

Are you willing to try doing something completely spontaneous? No roadmap or plan… just see where you own creative muse takes you? Or is that tough for you? Are you someone who has to always have a plan and know exactly where you’re going?

To me, spontaneity is a key to unlocking my mind when I need fresh perspectives. Feeling stuck in life, on a project, or over a problem your having really, really sucks. Find a way to do something creative, without a plan.

Take a walk somewhere you’ve never been… Choose your directions randomly as you go. Be surprised about where you end up. Let your spontaneity flex and grow stronger. Get lost on purpose. It might just be the shake-up you need.

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