Breaking Point…

We got up early on Saturday and went I for a beautiful walk with Mike. Then we came home and prepped for the open house for our new listing.

At the last minute, I realize half my Open house signs are at our other listing on Westwood. So we try to go pick them up… but NOPE! Guess what? They are not at Westwood, they are at our other, OTHER, listing on Cascade. No time to get them, the open house is starting.

So I host Saturday’s open house with just three signs. We are slammed from 1 to 4pm I barely sit down. 
My feet hurt. 
I come home. 
Go to the grocery store.
Then hop on the computer to research properties that a client wants to make an offer on. Long ass day.

Get up early on Sunday. Go for another beautiful walk and take pictures of wildflowers. Breathe.

I head out to El Sobrante to preview a new listing. Set our team agent Kyle Deleray, up for Sunday’s open house, this time with all 7 open house signs. He picks stuff up from Mike while I’m in El Sobrante.
I get back from the listing appointment. Hop on the computer to research and prep to show properties to a first time home buyer on Monday.

We are so blessed to be so busy, business is good.

But I am left feeling like I have had no weekend, and no downtime. It pushes me towards a breaking point.

Last night, Mike made a comment to me about how we should have been better prepared with our open houses this weekend.

The fact that he is right doesn’t prevent me from reaching a breaking point. I’m pissed and overwhelmed, emotional and frustrated.

I know you can all relate – Just fill in all our weekend activity with your own. Kids, games, practice, shopping, working, church, chores…

Just because we reach a breaking point, a feeling of ultimate frustration doesn’t have to mean we let it defeat us.

Last night I did. I caved to negative emotions. Today, I’m fighting back.

Today I woke up, and the last thing I wanted to do was another 12 minutes of death workout. Then I read what was posted today in our Story Athlete group.

“This is about hitting your … breaking point. The point of absolute no return, where Deep Work, hitting flow state, and uninterrupted concentration is on the opposite end of the spectrum. We all have these breaking points. Rather than try to battle back against them, it’s best to just take a break. Go for a walk. Breathe. Do the “12-Minutes of Death.” Fitness is a great outlet in these times.”

So I took all my frustration out in my workout this morning.

Is today going to be any easier? Hell No.

I have scholarship application essays to read for New Haven Schools Foundations. It’s the Board members job to read applications and select winners.

The kids’ stories leave me weeping. Their problems make mine feel so small. They have overcome incredible hurdles and still thrive in school with great grades, and hundreds of volunteer hours.

Mike is out copying keys for a new listing and ordering more For Sale signs because we are growing.

I get to go show property to my first time home buyer. I get to set an appointment for a land listing. I get to write an offer for a different buyer.

I get to… I get to… I get to…

I get to push past breakdowns.

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