Finding Home

I looked my client right in the eye and told her “We are not going to make a decision to about your first home purchase, almost a million dollar investment, out of desperation!”  
A couple of days before that conversation I was sitting at my kitchen table when the phone rang.  It was a new client.  She told me she wanted to work with me because her current agent kept discouraging her from making offers saying they would most likely be outbid.
She sounded on the verge of tears.
She said, “Remy, I feel discouraged, desperate, and defeated.”
I asked why and she explained the pressure she is under.  The owner of the house she is currently renting is planning to sell.  She is supposed to be out of the rental house very soon.
She has been writing offers on houses but hasn’t won a bid yet.
She said, “The final straw, (with her previous agent.)  I asked him to place a bid on a house and he didn’t.  The winning bid was very close to what I’d asked him to bid but because he didn’t take action we missed out.”
Now, a few days later we are standing in the kitchen of a home for sale in Hayward.  It’s a lovely home and she runs her hand along the granite countertop.  She is talking about how they could use the bonus room as an extra bedroom for one of her children. She trails off and her face looks strained.  I ask her what’s wrong.  “What if the landlord won’t give us an extra month to move?  What if we are homeless?”
That is when I looked her in the eye and said: “We are not going to make a decision to about your first home purchase, almost a million dollar investment, out of desperation.”  
“Your landlord will give you more time.  This purchase is one of the biggest you and your family will ever make.  We are going to find the RIGHT home for your family.  We are not going to feel pressured or desperate when we do it.”


The housing situation in the Bay Area is like a pressure cooker.  It puts everyone under strain.


Over and over again through my years as a real estate agent, I have helped clients who feel just like this one. Pressured.  DesperateScaredStressed.  That is not a good state to be in when you make important decisions.  Sure there are plenty of circumstances out of our control in life.  Yet it is still best to breathe and to remember you have choices.


My client looked at me and said with some emotion, “Thank you Remy”  I told her, “Don’t thank me yet, we still have to get you the perfect house.”


For every one of my clients that felt this way in the past, I can’t remember a single one that didn’t eventually find the perfect home.  If you are reading this, and I helped you find the perfect house for your family, I’m glad you trusted me to help you find a home.

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