I Wanted To Cry With Frustration

There have been some mornings in the last several months where I’ve woken up and felt like crying with frustration.  I’ve really been in the struggle.  Not every day, but a few mornings have just totally sucked.  We all go through shit sometimes, all of us.

I don’t like feeling sorry for myself. It produces nothing and serves no purpose.

A long time ago a coach said to me.  “If you need to have a pity party, go ahead.  But first set a five-minute timer.  When that timer ends, so does your self-pity.”

Have we spoken in person or by phone recently?  If we have – you have heard my scratchy, cracking voice.
It started back before the last Impact Club Event in January.  I was making a million calls to promote the event.  Plus we were busy doing all of the other work we do with real estate, loans, and the podcast.

We had ordered these awesome new Bluetooth microphones for the Impact Club event.  To let off some steam Mike and I did some Karaoke… you know… to test out the equipment!

The next day I could not talk.  Since then I have tried resting my voice by not using it.  I’ve gargled with salt water.  I hydrated, drinking tea, and water.  Pretty much everything I could think of to get my voice back quickly.

I wrote my friend Ryan Fletcher, who at the height of his very successful podcast, lost his voice.  He told me to stop clearing my throat.  Apparently clearing my throat repeatedly is like grinding my larynx and is making it worse.

Not clearing my throat is extremely hard! I had no idea how often I was doing it until his advice made me aware of it. I’ve been working at it, and finally, my voice is starting to come back.

Anyhow, it’s made it next to impossible to record any new episodes for Union City Advice Givers so we have been on hiatus for a few months.

As if losing my voice wasn’t enough,  six months ago I injured my elbow. A repeated strain injury, tennis elbow.  Have you ever had that?  It is so painful!  As I later found out, tendon injuries are very slow to heal.

The strain was caused by typing.  Typing! Writing is what I DO. I write these emails, blog posts, my printed newsletter.  I write to Impact Club members. I write up an article for every show guest on the podcast.  Not to mention dozens of emails every day for the real estate business.

Not being able to talk or write started to feel like a big cosmic JOKE.  I thought… What’s next?  Am going to wake up blind?

I’m not sharing all of this to be a Wah-Wah in the midst of a pity party.  My voice is getting better, my elbow almost fully healed.

I share this because I know we all have obstacles in our path.  Each one of us has a goal in mind that we would like to reach.  

Sometimes it seems as though the size of the obstacles are directly correlated to the size of our desire and commitment to reach a goal.


“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”  Henry Ford


My goal has been the same for the last few years.  To share.  I want to share the advice I hear from the amazing people I’m lucky enough to interview on Union City Advice Givers.  To tell their stories and the lessons they’ve learned in the hopes that some part of what’s shared will improve an element in our readers and listeners lives.

I want to share the knowledge and expertise I’ve learned over the 14 years I’ve been in real estate and loan industries to help buyers and sellers avoid making fundamental mistakes.

LOVE to share the joy that comes from inspiring others to be givers through Impact Club, making huge Impact on local charities in our community.


So, I would be a huge sellout, letting myself and each of you down, if I caved to the obstacles in my path.  


This morning I woke up with no pain in my elbow, my voice sounding almost normal, and was filled with gratitude for the opportunity to keep sharing with each of you.

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