Burger King & Content Creation

Lately, I’ve let myself down, by not being consistent with my writing.  

I have plenty of great distractions….. 

But today I’m up nice and early and getting at it!  This morning I got up and took a look at the news.  It’s a part of my morning routine.  When all goes as planned I wake up, have coffee, read for a while.  Sometimes I jump right into writing after I read and other days I take a look at news sites to gauge what’s interesting in the world today.  I usually find something entertaining to write about and today is no different.  Here I am reading and writing about Burger King.

Writing daily is a great habit to cultivate.  I had my daily writing habit going strong for a while and then I fell off.  I didn’t stop writing but I did stop doing it DAILY.  Once I stop it becomes harder and harder to get that discipline back.

So I am forcing myself to focus on WHY I want to get up every day and write something.


  1. I enjoy having an outlet for creativity.

  2. I like to read and writing and reading go hand in hand

  3. I’m full of stories and love to tell them

  4. Content creation is the cornerstone of everything I do


Looking at number 4 specifically, content creation, the need for it, has come up in my conversations with others a lot lately.  What is content?  Content is anything you produce and share. Could be an email, a social media post, a live chat, a video, an article, or a podcast.

The more you communicate by putting out good content the better. It’s really that simple.  If you want to get someone’s attention you have to give them a reason to listen.

This morning I found myself reading about Burger King.  WHY??? Well, Burger King very cleverly released a video about Net Neutrality.  Now if I were to make a list about companies most likely to weigh in on Net Neutrality, a very important issue, the LAST company I would think to turn to for information would be Burger King. Yet here I am talking and reading about them.  And they are currently trending on all news outlets.  Why?  Because they created some good content.

They created a video that explains net neutrality using an example of a Whopper.  In the video, customers must pay more money to get their Whopper faster.  It’s a simple explanation of something we will likely all be affected by so it is relevant.  The video presents the issue in a way that is easy to understand.  And it’s funny, in an absurd way.  It’s under 3 minutes long and currently the #2 trending video on YouTube.  I guess they did something right.

Good content get’s our attention. The Burger King Video in case you want to see it.

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