Pet Peeves & Pride

The Importance of Taking Pride in Your Work

I spent yesterday afternoon showing houses to a client looking to buy in Union City or Hayward.  We looked at 5 properties.  The first one was a townhouse in Union City that was staged beautifully.  The agent had left water bottles out. They had full-color flyers.  Each room was decorated to help buyers see themselves in the home.

The second townhouse was mostly empty.  The agent had made a couple of half-hearted attempts at staging.  One vase sat on a kitchen counter.  Upstairs there was an air mattress in one of the bedrooms that had a comforter thrown across it.  They had left cleaning products and a broom out.  On the walls, there were two pictures hung.  I could NOT believe my eyes when I saw a price tag still on the front of one picture. I posted this picture in my Instagram story yesterday because this is a major pet peeve of mine. 

If you are asking a buyer to pay half a million dollars for a 2 bedroom townhouse I feel the least you can do is put forth your best efforts.

Then we on to some houses in Hayward.  I pull up to the home and see trash in the front yard.  When we go inside the house is filthy.  Here is what we found on the side of the house.  A giant pile of debris.  

 For me, this shows an agent that does not take pride in their work.  Both are examples of fundamental mistakes that agents or seller’s make in preparing their home for sale.  Our primary job is to extract the hidden profits in your home.

Do you think that the seller of the home in the second picture is going to get the highest possible price for their home?  I don’t.  As an agent, we are responsible for these details.  We talk about this and other fundamental mistakes to avoid in our book, The Value-Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate.  You can get a free copy of it by clicking here.

Design is important.  Not just in sales.  Our emotions are motivated by our environments.  When we create a beautiful setting we feel happier.  For a buyer, they feel motivated to pay more when their environment is pleasing.
So what kind of environment would you want for your special event?  For a Bride, the setting and event decor is one of the most important aspects of their wedding.

In our most recent interview on Union City Advice Givers Podcast, we talk with the very talented design team Raman and Raveen owners of  R & R Event Rentals.  They take pride in everything they do.  I would bet $100 right now that there has NEVER been a single price tag left behind in plain sight at one of their events!

Raman & Raveen, Union City, and Hayward natives share the story of how they met. How they became inspired to start their business.  And why, out of caterers, DJ’s, florists, and photographers, they are the client’s favorite vendor time and time again.
It’s not only because of the beautiful designs they create.  Its the attention to detail.  The excellent service.  The PRIDE they have for what they do.  You can hear their interview by clicking here.

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