Thoughts on Happiness with the ‘Steve Jobs of Investing’ Ray Dalio

I was listening to a podcast yesterday, in my bathroom.  I have a little Bluetooth speaker that I can play a podcast on even when I’m in the shower and getting ready for the day.  I am a bit of a podcast junkie.  As I’ve mentioned before Tim Ferriss is one of my favorites.  He recently interviewed Ray Dalio.  They call Ray the Steve Jobs of Investing because he has not just been successful but has also been a creator of financial products that have changed the market.
I read about him in Tony Robbins book last year, Money- Master the Game, so I had a good idea of what Ray is all about.
Ray Dalio also has a book out called Principles.  I’m about a third of the way through, listening to it on Audible.  A fantastic book already, I recommend it.
So I’m listening to Ray and Tim talk.  Tim asks Ray about his thoughts on why intelligent people are unhappy.
Ray says,
“I think it goes back to the notion of meaningful work.  Intelligence and happiness probably have no correlation.  In studies, it’s repeatedly been shown.  And money has very little correlation with happiness.  The highest correlation with happiness is community.

Am I part of a community?  Do I feel connections with other people?  That’s been literally genetically programmed into us from…it’s estimated between one and two million years ago before we were even mankind.  So that sense of meaningful relationships is very important.  

And if you have meaningful work, and you’re on a mission AND you have meaningful relationships… I think it is almost impossible not to be happy.”

This quote struck me because of our recent Impact Club Event.  At Impact Club we gather a group of locally committed givers, and we inject cash into the best local nonprofits we can find.  So far, in just TWO events we have donated $10,400 to charities close to home.  Anyone who was there at our last event can talk about the energy in that room.  A group of like-minded people on a mission for good.  That IS community.  And I’ve never been happier than I am, being a part of something like Union City Impact Club. 

One of our Impact Club members, Swati Shah, founder of Ascend Rehab and an Occupational Therapist, was recently interviewed by me on Union City Advice Givers podcast.  Ascend Rehab cares for special needs children, in schools, in homes, and at their site in Union City.
Swati has built a community around her business, and that community is on a mission of their own.  She started with just one other therapist and herself, now there are 50 therapists there working together.  And what mission they have!!  Families with special needs children of all types have unique challenges.  They need therapists to work with their children from a young age to improve that child’s future quality of life.  The women of Ascend Rehab LOVE what they do.  Huge smiles everywhere you look.
You can hear Swati’s story Here.

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