What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?


“What do you want to be when you grow up?”  We hear this question all the time with many of our kids going back to school.
It’s comical really, that we ask this question of our kids, knowing full well that most adults have several career changes, multiple times in our lives.  Sometimes our purpose is what changes; sometimes it’s our career.  What matters more is WHY we change.  As we grow older, our self-awareness increases and our choice better align with our core values.
In my interviews for the Union City Advice Givers Podcast, I talk to guests about the changes they go through.  How they choose to reinvent themselves.

Police Officer to College Professor?
That is part of Union City Chief of Police Darryl McAllister’s story.  He is in school now pursuing his Doctorate.  He is already teaching on top of his work leading the UCPD.  He did not have to choose between teaching and leading our police department. He can do both.

How about Coffee House Owner to Charitable Founder Feeding the Hungry?  Listen to Paddy Iyer’s story.  He started out because he couldn’t stand to throw away the food he had left over in the coffee shop at the end of each day.  Initially, he just found a way to repurpose that food to the hungry people of our community.  That effort earned Paddy’s Coffee House; the first Green Badge ever awarded in Union City.  He didn’t stop there.  That determination to impact his community grew into Daily Bowl, which we discuss at length in our interview.  Just how big did Paddy’s determination to make a change go?  We are now talking about thousands, and thousands of pounds of food rescued from the dump and instead redistributed to distressed families and hungry people throughout the Tri-City and Hayward area.

Office Manager to Real Estate Agent, Philanthropist and Podcast Host?
Personally, I was an Office Manager for many years.  The last thing I thought I’d end up doing is working as a Real Estate Agent.  After ten plus years in Real Estate, I haven’t needed to give up the work I love, helping clients find a good deal to purchase their home or extracting the hidden profits in the sale of their homes. Still, I never pictured myself adding to my plate to become a local Podcast Host.  And I didn’t fathom I would become a co-founder of an innovative philanthropy club – Impact Club.

What is the cause of these major shifts of direction that happen in our lives?  Inspiration. 

My talk with Paddy Iyer has a running theme; he is continually growing and mentoring others to grow as well.  Paddy believes no matter what we have “always done” there is this new tantalizing possibility that we can still be something different.  We are not controlled by the choices we have made so far; there is always a new choice right in front of us that could lead down an entirely different path.  Chief McAllister also shares a great quote, it’s even on his trading card:

“Follow your dreams. They know the way.”  ~ Chief Mc Allister

It is no accident that the new choices we make are often ones that have a positive impact on our community.
A common thread across many of our community leaders, we are moved to give back. To make a difference. To make an Impact.  That’s why I told my story The Day I Became A Giver.  And it’s why I took on Impact Club Union City.  We just set our next date.  Monday, September 25th at 6:30 pm.  I hope you can join us in making an Impact on our community.

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