SuperParents and Other Heroes

Your butt is planted in a camping chair.  
The sun is beating down on your head.
Clouds of gritty dirt are blowing steadily into your face.
But you aren’t worried about any of that because you are cheering as loud as you can.

Last weekend we were at a softball tournament in Santa Cruz.  It was hot and the field wasn’t watered, so we all enjoyed tons of dirt blowing in our faces.  But despite that, it was one of our best tournaments yet.  Mainly because our girls bonded with each other and all of the parents really got to bond as well.  Michaela has been playing softball for years and I’ve learned that the best team experience happens when everyone has bonded and built great relationships.

One group of parents surprised everyone by bringing portable grills and cooking for the whole team and the parents.  They didn’t just do hamburgers and hot dogs either, they had ribs and tri tip sandwiches.  BBQ chicken and potato salad.  Everything was delicious.

We also had some new team members and this was their first game with our team.  New parents that don’t know anyone.  They were welcomed so warmly and it was truly a great time for everyone.

The families that play travel ball with us are families I look up too.  With me as a stepmom and Michaela’s mom and dad, that’s three parents to one kid ratio.  So when I see these other parents on our team – almost all of them have 2,3, or 4 kids.  Kids who are playing multiple sports all at the same time. Parents who are split between two tournaments, going back and forth to support all their kids equally.  Parents who are also coaching.  Parents who have sleeping babies in their laps while they sit in their camping chairs under pop ups cheering for our girls on the field over their sleeping babies heads.

In my career, I think of myself as a good real estate project manager.  Juggling nervous Buyer’s, determined Seller’s, busy Loan Officers, Home Inspectors, Escrow Officers, and Appraisers with the goal of delivering great service to my clients.  But I have NOTHING on these SUPER PARENTS.

On Sunday morning as I’m sitting there, sleepy eyed with my Starbucks, one mom comes wheeling past me.  I say ‘wheeling’ because she is pushing a fully loaded wagon with a cooler, camping chairs etc in front of her with one hand, and dragging a fully loaded stroller behind her.  She isn’t watching where she is walking because her head is turned around back wards watching her toddler play with the older kids.  And this mom?  She always has a big smile on her face.

I have to say I’m impressed.  Healthy food, happy kids, strong parenting.  It fills me with love, gratitude, and awe.  Parents who can do it all are heroes in my book.

 Speaking of heroes…. Yesterday I interviewed another hero.  A new podcast will air next week with my interview about Union City Police Chief Darryl McAllister.  The stories he shares are truly incredible.  You do not want to miss our conversation.  He talks about everything from risking his life on duty, to Union City’s Campaign to connect with the community, to his meeting with President Obama at the White House.  Stay Tuned!

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