After Graduation

First and foremost Congratulations to the DUBS, NBA Champions.  Go Warriors!!!  If you are going to the parade we’ll see you there along with a few million other people.

Like many of you I went to a graduation this weekend for my goddaughter Maya.  I could not be more proud of the young lady she has become.  And like most of you reading this, who have raised a kid through high school graduation understand; It is emotional, and bittersweet.  We love and nurture them, and then our babies grow up and the time comes to let them go out into the world and become the individuals they were meant to be.

 As I sat there, in Alameda, looking at the graduating class of 419 young and shiny, happy and triumphant kids.  I thought of the Impact they will make on the world.  Each of them will leave a legacy of some sort.  As will each of us.

 I also thought a lot about my own graduation.  I didn’t have grand plans back then, no speech writing for me.  I was thinking about partying and freedom.  I definitely wasn’t reflecting on the Impact I would leave on this world – the way I am now.

 As many of you know I am launching a local chapter of Impact Club.  It’s a cause near and dear to my heart.  Because it doesn’t just support – one charity – one time.  It supports many charities all throughout the year and for years to come.  And even better 100% of our donations will be local.

In asking my friends, family, and clients to support this effort I’ve had to give myself a real gut check as to WHY I’m doing this.  I published an article in this month’s print Newsletter.  If you don’t get the newsletter in the mail each month, you can subscribe here.

The article is deeply personal.  And writing it helped me a lot. It’s cathartic and it dials down just why I’m so committed to making a huge difference right here at home.  Here is a link to what I wrote. 

 If you’d like to know more about Impact Club or i you want to sign up please go here: 

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