It’s Not Always About The Money

“It’s not always about the money. Do the right thing. It will come back to you later.” ~  Ben Pearson, Owner of GreenKeys Locksmith.  


Ben said those words to me in the midst of telling me a story, during our recent interview on Union City Advice Givers.  A lady called him, it was nighttime, she had been in a car accident that day, and was flustered and having a terrible day.

Then she locked her keys in her car.

By the time she called Ben for help she was in tears.  Ben told her it would be $80 to come and unlock her car.  She told Ben, “I don’t have $80.”

Ben points out an important distinction here.  She didn’t say $80 was too expensive, she said she didn’t have it.  Ben chose to help her out anyway.  He chose to help her at a price she could afford.

Ben is always working with his clients on their bad days.  Think about the times you need a locksmith.  You just fired an employee, or you had to evict a tenant.  Maybe your neighbor’s house was broken into and you want to evaluate your home security.  You could be scared or stressed out.

In those times a business owner who cares solely about their own profits is like nails on a chalkboard. 

You’re left feeling raw and exposed.
There are so many times in my career where this same concept has governed my decisions in helping my real estate clients  I help a lot of buyers with bad credit.  Most of the time those buyer’s have applied for a loan and been denied.  I like to sit down and review their credit.  I give free advice on the steps they can take to help themselves.  Several times my clients have asked me what they owe me for the time I’ve spent advising them.  I always tell them I will get paid when you get your new home.  In the meantime, just do the work to improve your credit.

The buyer’s that do the work always get a house eventually, every time.

There is a lot of satisfaction in helping others.  It’s common theme among the featured experts that I interview on Union City Advice Givers.  Putting people first is a habit for them.  The most successful businesses build it right into their culture.  THAT is how you end up with over 300 5 star reviews like Ben’s GreenKeys has.

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