Course Changing Moment

A Single Moment that Changes the Course of Your Life

Something in your surroundings or circumstances exposes an inconsistency between what you really desire and what IS.  Maybe the work your doing doesn’t match your personal values.  Or in a particular moment, you realize you have no momentum towards the future you want.  It can be big or small but there is a single moment that changes your course.

I had that moment once when I was broke and frustrated with the work I was doing, helping homeowners fight foreclosure during the mortgage crisis.  I questioned my path.  I knew I wanted my work to matter, but the fight felt hopeless.  I wanted to quit and do work that actually earned enough money to live on.  I was tired of the struggle.  My moment of clarity came when I got a phone call from a woman who’s home we saved from foreclosure.  She said, “Don’t Quit. You’re making a difference.”  It was so crystal clear to me then and still is now what my purpose is.  The real estate and mortgage industry is full of lack of skill and professional dishonesty. I was needed. I got it. This is my path.

I had another moment, about a year ago.  I love story telling and talking to people. Any of you who have ever worked with me know this well.  I started to see that there are a lot of awesome businesses in our community that provide value and truly care about their customers.  I also know that most of their clients or customers have no real understanding of just how much they care and WHY.  That was when I committed to start Union City Advice Givers.  To help them share those stories.  In turn, helping the community with advice from the very best business and community leaders we have to offer.

Dr. Morgan Oberstein, Connection Cafe Chiropractic, had one of those moments.  She was working in an entertainment law firm when it hit her. She wanted to do work that made a difference.  Hear her story here.
We talk about a lot including:

What is the most common misconception about chiropractic care?  Would you like to effectively treat allergies?  How about infertility, and top notch prenatal care?  Childhood neurological disorders like autism?  Or prevent injuries?

All of the above can be treated without the need for prescription medications.  As with any medical treatment results are never guaranteed but Chiropractic care is NOT limited to treating neck and back pain.

As Dr. Morgan explains in simple terms “Going to the Chiropractor only for neck or back pain is like going to Starbucks for only a cup of Black Coffee”  

Listen to our conversation, as we dive deep into a simple understanding of why Chiropractic health strengthens our entire body and immune system.  I found this discussion absolutely fascinating and I know it will bring hope to a lot of people who are currently suffering.

“I put the trust in the body, I do what I need to do, and the outcome will be perfect given what your body needs.”  ~Dr. Morgan Oberstein

I asked Dr. Morgan, who earned her degree at UCLA and was a collegiate athlete, where she learned to differentiate her practice from the norm in such a successful way.  She blames her parents. Both Chiropractors themselves.  Dr. Morgan shares how growing up in her home, reinforced her belief in the need for great chiropractic care for whole families from prenatal to babies, to growing children, parents and grandparents. Now she sometimes gets to treat 3 generations at once.

I wonder how many people’s lives have been improved of because of her Aha! moment?

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