For the Love of the Game

Do your kids play a sport? Ever wonder what it takes to help them love the game they play and to excel?

We all want our kids to have fun. But as parents once you get out on that field how many of us also want our kids to win? I can personally attest, after losing my voice at several softball tournaments this summer, that we want to win. It’s easy to get over excited and push our kids. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Kids need a push sometimes.

In today’s interview I ask Gabe Garcia what advice he would give parents whose kids are just starting out in baseball or softball. His answer I feel applies towards any sport.

“Just let them build a passion for it first. Let them learn to love the game and get passionate about it. That way they will want to learn and grow.”

Great advice.

Gabe Garcia was an All Star player out of Union City who went on the play professional ball. He then brought his skills back home as a local baseball coach at James Logan, Chabot, and Cal State East Bay. Now Gabe is the owner and head instructor and Complete Game Baseball Academy where he trains our little league and softball dreamers.

Since this interview he is now also coaching The Lady Bandits, and 10U and 12U, girls fastpitch, travel team.

I asked Gabe to tell a great story and he delivers. Here his story.

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