Shoveling Crap

How do you shake off discouragement? I’ve written before about resistance. There is a very important concept that I don’t want anyone to miss.

The more committed you are to a goal the more obstacles will show up in your path to test you.

Put differently, the amount of resistance you feel, forces working against you, challenges of circumstance, or physical, financial constraints, or lack of necessary skills, all of those add up to resistance. The amount of resistance you feel is directly related to the amount of commitment you have. You can actually use the resistance that seems to POP UP just as you gain momentum, as a compass, it proves you are on the right path.

For instance you decide you want to start a side hustle, an online business selling xyz. You write a business plan. You discuss your idea with a few friends and get positive feedback. You start saving money to fund this new business. And then your car breaks down and you have to spend all your savings and start over. You gain momentum – then you have a set back.

It’s the way of the world. But if you use setbacks as a compass to guide you….

“Look at the mess everything is! Whatever I’m trying to accomplish must be an important goal! I better push through the crap and see this thing through!”

I just wanted to share my thoughts with you. As I push through all the crap and stay focused and determined no matter what. I sincerely hope each of you is able to shovel that shit aside and keep pushing today.

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