Worst Case Scenario

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling really stressed out about something you know you have to deal with that day that is unavoidable?  Sometimes it’s one big thing.  Sometimes it’s a bunch of little things that pile up and you’re feeling overwhelmed.  How do you overcome those feelings?  Do you let it hang over you all day like a little rain cloud?

I used to keep that rain cloud over me.  I never dealt with anything I didn’t want to.  I would just distract myself in a hundred different ways.  I would read romance novels, listen to music to avoid being alone with my thoughts.  I would call friends and chat with co-workers about their problems so I didn’t need to face my own.  I was a Master of Escape.  Professional Avoider.

That behavior solves nothing.  Truly, it makes everything worse.  Neglected problems bloom like weeds in the yard after a good rain.

It’s difficult to remove stress or fear completely.  It’s human to worry.  It can creep up on me throughout my day.  When we don’t notice that we are reacting out of stress or fear that is when mistakes are made.  Once I was so nervous about an appointment and my mind was so consumed with worry that I backed into a parked car trying to get out of a parking spot!

Now I have these daily habits of alone time in the mornings.  Whether I’m meditating, journaling, writing these blog posts or my newsletters – I force myself to face whatever it is I’m dreading.  Then try to formulate a plan of attack. When I’m scared, I try to imagine the worst case scenario. To let it all play out in my head.  It takes some of the fear away, because the unknown is usually the scariest part.   I’ll try to build my attack plan for several different outcomes.  It is amazing how much better I feel when I have some sort of idea in mind of how to handle a given situation.

Step 1 Get clear about what it is that’s bothering you

Step 2 Imagine/Visualize the worst case scenario actually happening

Step 3 Imagine/Visualize what you will do if the worst case happens

Give it a try and see if you don’t feel better.

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