Me Jocking Tim Ferriss and Jamie Foxx

Tim Ferriss is the host of the number one podcast in the world, The Tim Ferriss Show. He is the Author of three books, the most famous is The Four-Hour Work Week. He’s known for “Lifestyle Design”

My favorite podcast episode, one of many, is his interview with Jamie Foxx.  That interview will make you laugh and I got some armhairs to stand up a couple of times.  There is a lot of wisdom, Jamie was honest and detailed about some of the steps he climbed in his amazing career.

Jamie Foxx had no idea who Tim Ferriss was before he agreed to do his show.  Now after the interview, Jamie Foxx is blown away by the amount of people who heard that episode, 7 million downloads so far.  So Jaime decides to bring Tim on HIS Sirus XM radio show to interview Tim on his path in life and what makes him tick.  He calls Tim Ferriss the Oprah Winfrey of the internet.  Here are some of my favorite parts.


Hack an education. Time invested his college tuition in startups in place of a traditional education.

Tim wanted to go to Stanford Business School but wasn’t accepted so he took the money he would have spent and spent two years investing it with the assumption he would lose it.  He didn’t of course. And went on to be an early investor in Facebook, Twitter, and Uber among others.  I have another friend that once said to me “There is an entire MBA of information available for free just by listening to podcasts” Nothing could be more true. ***Some of my favorite podcasts for business are James Altucher, Self Made Man, and The #AskGaryVee Show.  I learn every single day from podcasts and books.


Write content to resonate and be great to 10% of your audience, never try to please everyone when being creative

This is SO important.  Have opinions and express them.  Let me people know what you really think.  STOP trying to please everyone with what you have to say and STOP being politically correct to the extent that you become censored.

Everytime I write something and then think of who my audience is I have a moment when I feel like “Oh Shit. How is so and so going to feel about what I just said?”  (Like right now – which of you will be mad that I just wrote the word shit?)

It’s paralyzing to think that way.  Just write your truth.


Find out the rules and then break them “What are the rules everyone said you should do? Then break them.” In Tim’s example he lived in Argentina for 9 months and learned and studied Tango.  He was told to begin learning the male part – how to lead.  So he asked himself “What are the accepted rules here, and how can I do the opposite?”  He decides to learn the female part first – how to follow. Once again “hacking the process” to speed up his learning.

This is such a creative way of thinking about life.  The ways in which you can apply it are endless.  His entire book Four-Hour work week is basically about this.  Tactical strategies for: traveling half of every year. Convincing your boss you can work remotely.  Saying no to social engagements and cutting your communication time and emails down significantly.


Get better at asking other people questions.

Tim’s Podcast is about dissecting world class people – performers, military, scientists, entrepreneurs – you name it. Some of my favorite interviews besides Jamie Foxx: Kevin Costner, Robert Rodriguez, Whitney Cummings, Naval Ravikant, Seth Godin, Dom D’Agostino….

In his interviews he tries to uncover what makes each of them tick.  I’ve mentioned before in this blog that Tim found something like 80% of the people he’s interviewed practice meditation.  He uncovers much more than that on his show.  My goal with (Launching next week :)))))) is similar.  On a much more local East Bay level – what does it take to be great and what you do? If you have a successful business, or career, how did you get there? And most important, for everyone listening what can we learn from each other to help everyone reach their Next Level.

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