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Without the ability to communicate I would be nowhere.  My good friend and mentor, Ryan Fletcher wrote recently:If you can’t effectively use your words to communicate, in all formats. Starting with your brain, thinking. To speaking. To writing. Then probably there’s a 60% chance or greater…

That you can’t get what you want in this world. Because everything comes down to communication.

How you communicate  – conveys confidence.

How you communicate – conveys intelligence.

How you communicate – conveys personality.

How you communicate – conveys trustworthiness.

And no, I didn’t make the rules. But I know what they are. The world is ruled by storytellers, so it’s best, as soon as possible, to figure out which filter (Thinking, Speaking, or Writing)  is holding you back – from being able to create effective content.

What is content?  If you are involved in business, entrepreneurship or marketing you’ve probably heard that you should be creating content.  Content is what you put out there.  You’re writing, your emails, your videos, your art, your social media posts.  To me, in any form, it’s storytelling. Content is what I share in these emails.

Everyone loves a great story.  We love to connect. To be moved. To be scared. To laugh.

When my friend Ryan and I discussed the importance of sharing your story, and the importance of being able to articulate that story, it brought me to a realization.  I tell stories all the time, I always have.  But mostly I’ve shared one on one.  I share with people about life, myself, my work, observations.  But I wasn’t sharing my stories one to many.

In today’s world there is no reason to hold back your stories.  People love to relate to each other. I know I love to hear other people’s stories when I can relate, or learn something new.

Once Upon a Time we had to become a writer of books, magazines, or newspapers, a TV personality, or a radio show host.  Today we have social media outlets like facebook or instagram or snapchat, smartphones, youtube, blogs and more.  There is no gatekeeper to stop us from sharing what it is we have to say.

In my effort to share the great stories I hear from people I meet, I’m launching a podcast.  Union City Advice Givers Where I interview business owners and local thought leaders.  I ask them to share. Advice on their area of expertise and some of their stories.  How they got to where they are.  Any secrets of success they are willing to share.  I’ve already recorded several interviews.  I’m blown away by the stories each and every time.

Like Dan Chan the Magician who went from being a lifeguard, skiing, snowboarding, sailing and windsurfing instructor, to working in the Coast Guard Reserves and at PayPal only to end up as one of the very best magicians in the Bay Area.  Stay tuned for his interview to launch in the coming weeks.  

Through the show guests I’m learning new and better ways to communicate my own story.

We all need to craft that skill of communicating well.  It’s up to us not to contribute to the NOISE.  But instead to produce stories that matter.  That is why it is so important to begin to share your stories one to many.  To practice and learn how to put ourselves out there and share.

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