This is How it’s Supposed to be Done

How many of us hear a version of that over and over in life?  You’re supposed to do well in school.  You’re supposed to climb a career ladder at work.  You’re supposed to go to college.  This is how you are supposed to raise your kids. In any situation there is a way we are supposed to do it right.

The problem for me is the way I’m supposed to do my career – real estate – sometimes makes we want to puke.  Agents are taught from day one to; 1. Call all their friends and family and beg for business.  2. Harass those poor people with repeated reminders, asking for business, with emails and phone calls.  3. When you run out of friends and family we are taught to “Cold Call” various “lead sources”  and “Door Knock” a neighborhood over and over until someone – anyone- gives us business.

I have always had a problem with these practices.  I tried door knocking once. I think I went 2 blocks.  I was disgusted with myself.  I hate when anyone knocks on my door.  We peek through the curtains and if we don’t know who it is we don’t answer it.  No one is happy to see you when you are a pest.  Calling everyone you know and asking for business is called BEGGING.  It sucks.


Yet – if you google real estate training or real estate coaching – you will see that ALL of the training and coaching is focused on prospecting and lead generation.  There is truly almost no training available on the actual skills needed to provide great service.  THE ART OF NEGOTIATION. Understanding contracts. Explaining costs and risks to your clients.  Project Management. Property Valuation.  Using a Documented Approach to ensure clients get maximum value during your home sale. Supply and Demand.  None of it is commonly available as training. Most new agents – if they ever learn these skills – learn it on the job through trial and error.


I have spent a decade developing my skills as an agent. And I don’t choose to market my business the way I am Supposed To.  Instead I choose to write original content and share stories with you, often it has nothing to do with real estate.  For those of you who received my newsletter last week and sent me feedback THANK YOU!!  Now, working on this podcast, doing all of the interviews with the local business owners and hearing their stories of how they broke away from traditional career paths to go it on their own – most of them didn’t’ do what they were supposed to either.

It’s a little scary to put myself out there in a way I’m not supposed to and I appreciate all of your support.

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