Trial and Error requires Errors

 Or put differently we don’t learn from our perfections.  It feels great to discuss what we do well.  My hearts swells up with ego when dwelling on my successes.  We get to do things like #humblebrag about ourselves in a subtle ways, and it feels good to be acknowledged.  But the truth is all of my learning has come from my flaws and mistakes I’ve made.

I am nonathletic.  In school I was picked last for every sports team. During kickball I would sit in the waaayyy outfield on the ground. Reading a book. In a skirt and dress flats.  I felt disdain for the silly kids running around catching balls – dodging balls – throwing balls.  Truth is I was scared of balls. I’d been hit in the head twice in elementary and I’m sure my fear was what stopped me from participating.  The disdain was just a cover up so I didn’t have to experience feeling like a loser.   It didn’t work though. All of my memories of P.E. classes are painful to recall. Even though I recognize my issue – it doesn’t change that I feel resistance each and every time I attempt to breakthrough and exercise.  Have you ever tried to toss something to me?  I usually say “Don’t throw it!”

I talk too much and too fast.  I get excited about communicating.  I just enjoy sharing what is in my head.  I like hearing your feedback.  Doesn’t matter what it is or who I’m speaking with.  Sometimes it scares people off.  It’s amazing that I know I’m doing it but I still don’t slow down.  I’m working on this one. Let me know if I talk your ear off please.

I’ve failed plenty of times.  Failed to save money.  Failed to get a client to put their trust in me to sell their house.  I got fired once.  It was from High Tech Burrito in Orinda.  When the customers said tortilla it was Tor- TILL-A pronouncing the L’s….  The assistant manager was stealing from the cash register with my log in card so the head manager thought it was me stealing.  They can keep their Spinach TorTILLas.  I was so angry and hurt when I told the manager the truth and he didn’t believe me.  I wasn’t used to not being believed.  I still struggle with that.  When I know I’m being honest and the person across from me is skeptical – it’s frustrating.  I want to shake them. “Don’t you know I have your best interests at heart??”  I take these thing very personally.

So yeah…. Lay it all on the line.  Put it out for all to see.  Cheers to our Flaws!!!!

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